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Genius in the Making

With SankMagik Copybooks, your child's handwriting, math, motor skills, and overall learning capabilities are greatly enhanced within a week of practice. The grooves act as a guide for children to form letters, numbers, and symbols properly and consistently.

Our job as parents is to provide the best tools and opportunities for our children to thrive. This 4-book series is one of the most influential ways to spark curiosity and motivation, which make your child succeed in school. Your child will be ahead of the pack on so many levels.

Don't Take Our Word For It

1000s of happy families are enjoying The SankMagik Copybooks. Improvement in handwriting and motor skills is guaranteed - or your money back!

Reusable Within 10 Minutes

Every book and bundle comes with a pen and magic ink refills. The magic ink will disappear in ten minutes after writing, and the book will be ready for another go! If You want the ink to stay, You can use a regular ballpoint pen.

The included pen grip trainer teaches your child a correct grip at a young age.

4 Crucial Skills

You can get a set of four: Alphabet, Number, Math, and Drawing. Your child will start their fast-track learning on math, handwriting, visual skills, motor skills, drawing, and learning skills in general.

These subjects will become more friendly and fun for the child. You will be amazed at how big of an impact this will bring on your child after their first days of playing (learning) with these books!

The idea behind the design of the SankMagik is simple yet effective: These copybooks are structured in a way that helps your child to further develop curiosity and motivation to color, draw and learn letters, numbers, math, and words by themselves.


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Emily Brooks
checkVerified Buyer
My best purchase
My best purchase
I bought this for my niece and after a week my brother said that she has improved tremendously. My brother or I didn't even make her 'study' with this, she just played with the book. I think that's the main reason this is so damn effective, children do not even take this as studying or training. Just an interesting book with disappearing ink. I think this is a genius product and I would pay 3x the amount for this kind of result. highly recommend.

Dianne Tucker
checkVerified Buyer
My son has writing issues due to some learning disabilities and has really been reluctant to write because he is also a perfectionist. We are a homeschooling family and I'm always looking for good tools to help him, so I purchased this after reading the reviews. I have to tell you these books has been an absolute GAME CHANGER! He went from struggling to write one legible sentence to happily writing with decent handwriting within weeks. I'm shocked, but it really does make sense once they get used to the books. He's now confidently writing on normal wide rules paper with very little issues. I can't tell you how much it means to him. Thank you for creating this product! I will be using it with my kindergartener son this fall as he learns to write as well

Harry Fields
checkVerified Buyer
Great for learning
Great for learning
Can't be happier about these books... This really helped my dyslexic daughter with writing her letters correctly. Highly recommend! 5/5 stars.
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